Share Your Details:

Begin by filling out our application form with your personal and professional information.

Team Review:

Our dedicated team will review the details you provide to assess your qualifications and expertise.

Discovery Call:

If you are shortlisted, we will schedule a discovery call with you to discuss potential opportunities as a facilitator, coach, or consultant. During this call, we'll explore available slots and align your skills with our platform's needs.


After the discovery call, we'll initiate the empanelment process, which includes onboarding you onto our platform. This step involves finalizing the necessary paperwork and agreements.

Profile and Content Creation:

We'll coordinate with you to set a date for creating your profile and content, which may include a photoshoot and video creation to showcase your services in the best possible way.

Offering Goes Live:

Once your profile and content are ready, we'll make your offerings live on our platform, providing you with significant online visibility.

Start Earning:

With your offerings live on our platform, you can begin to earn from your services, while we continue to support you in growing your presence and impact.

Partnership for Life:

At Udyog Paathshala, our collaboration is not just a one-time association. We believe in forging a "Partnership for Life." As you continue to share your expertise and help others grow, we'll stand by you, offering ongoing assistance to enhance your presence and impact in the professional developmen

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